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Ærø Golf Club
Ærø has one of the most beautiful Golf courses in Danmark.Read more here


Ærøs Golf course surrounded by the sea.

Ærøs “castle” Søbygaard was build by Duke Hans the younger, who was Frederik II’s brother.

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Rebuilding the bridge.

Voderup cliff
Voderup cliff is very popular and is in cycling distance from Ærøskøbing.
From here you can enjoy a broad view of the sea. On clear days you can see the island of Als.

The cliffs have been formed by water and wind erosion over thousands of years.

Several paths lead down to the water and it is also possible to walk along the top of the cliffs.



At Easter time Voderup cliffs (and most of the other beaches)
are taken over by the locals to boil eggs over a bonfire.

Ærø Museum
Ærøskøbings local museum houses collections from the town, seafaring and farming communities  including a special costume collection. The maritime collection is from 17th and 18th century when the sea  had a huge influence over the life of the town.. The museum’s  painting collection is of  local themes.

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Sommeraktivitet på Ærø Museum.

Bottle ship Peter’s collection.
Bottle ship Peter (1873-1960) managed to build more than 1700 bottle ships and 50 model ships. The collection, which contains the bottle ships is over a 100 years old, and is the oldest in the world.

Occasionally there are demonstrations of bottle ship modelling.

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